Christina Soot

So, the last time somebody told me that they love me wasn’t like explicitly, “I love you,” but that was on Thursday. I’ve been having a really rough month honestly. And one of my friends, I said, “Hey, I really need to hang out with you.” And he was like, “Cool.” So we hung out at the Fred Meyer parking lot and a Crumble [cookie] and we got a helium balloon, and we sucked the helium balloon and like, I don’t know, just singing stupid songs and stuff like that. But eventually, I opened up to him about what’s going on in my life and he just sat there and he listened to me and he took it in. He was very objective. And he gave me lots of hugs, because he was like, “I totally understand the position you’ve been in.” It’s awful. And I was like, “Thank you.” And, you know, he also shared stuff with me too. So that tells me that this person is saying, “I love you.” I’m gonna trust you with this information. It was like we talked for like three and a half hours. It was crazy. But there were also a lot of laughs and we made fun of each other. It felt really great.

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