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Orange Media Network

Orange Media Network

Orange Media Network


4th Floor Student Experience Center, 2251 SW Jefferson Way, Corvallis, OR 97331

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Orange Media Network Distribution Map

Publication Racks (red circles)

  1. Johnson Hall
  2. Kelly Engineering Center – Lobby
  3. Linus Pauling Science Center – Entrance
  4. Linus Pauling Science Center – Central Lobby
  5. LINC – Info Desk
  6. Austin Hall
  7. West Dining Center
  8. Memorial Union – Food Court
  9. Memorial Union – Info Desk
  10. Valley Library
  11. Waldo Hall
  12. Dixon Recreational Center
  13. Kerr Administration Building – Main Entrance
  14. McNary Dining Center
  15. Dutch Bros
  16. Beaver Store
  17. Arnold Dining Center
  18. International Learning Living Center

Publication Kiosks (blue circles)

  1. Gilfillan Auditorium
  2. Kelly Engineering Center
  3. Gilkey Hall
  4. Covell Hall
  5. Cobblestone Square
  6. Memorial Union
  7. Snell Hall
  8. Kerr Administration Building
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