Bibiana Corona

Bibiana Corona: So, I have my first tattoo in honor of David Bowie. He is my favorite artist. He passed away in 2016. I wanted to honor him by getting the astronaut that he features in his last music video, and it looks exactly like the one in his music video. I also added the smiley face that he has in there. For my second and third tattoo, I got them at the same time, I wanted to get something that represented my culture, so I got an Aztec deity, which is the deity for death, and I got it in traditional colors like the maroon and then black. And for my last tattoo, I got my favorite animal, which is a bear, and I also wanted it to give it a jungle vibe so I added some of my favorite flowers in the background. I got a Monstera and then some addisonii and yeah so far!

Jiratana Tungkawachara: What is the significance of the plants with the astronaut?

BC: Another one of my favorite artists, but this is more like an artistic artist not like a musical artist, is Van Gogh, and these are some of the flowers that he has in his paintings.

JT: What made you want to represent David Bowie specifically?

BC: There was a period of my life where I felt like I was struggling. I wasn’t the happiest, and listening to David Bowie’s music made me feel a lot better and I think it got me through that period of time. I just felt like this strong connection to his music.

JT: Thank you so much.

BC: Thank you!


Bibiana’s Instagram: @idra_hazel


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