Sheena & Damian


Jake Fischer

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“As I travel around America hitchhiking, not so much anymore because COVID kind of ixnayed that, but I earn a living in an honest way, by making music, jewelry and art, and it’s a long time old profession, that’s still a profession. Self employment is the best for me, not for everybody. But, I decided when I was 18 to leave my grandma’s house. She raised me in Lawrence, Kansas and I decided I’m going to do what the greats in rock-and-roll did, which was improvise their entire lives while hitchhiking and traveling around. I didn’t see anybody doing too many great things in my generation, so then 11 years later, I’m still rocking it and doing my profession and I love every moment of it.” -Damian

Sheena’s Instagram: @pol3r_b3ar

Damian’s YouTube Channel: the keyboard kid in action music


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