Marketing Bundles for Student Clubs & Orgs

These marketing bundles are only available for OSU Student Clubs and Organizations.


Marketing bundles exclusively for OSU Student Clubs & Orgs.


Student Clubs and Orgs are an important part of the OSU community and the OSU student experience.  We want to support the success of these organizations and their activities by offering marketing bundles at a discounted rate. These marketing bundles are designed to promote and build awareness for the club and their event.

Each package was designed to support different size events.  To take advantage of these packages, please contact your account executive by the following deadlines:

  • Basic: 5 weeks prior to your event
  • Plus: 6 weeks prior to your event
  • Premium: 7 weeks prior to your event

If you don’t know who your account executive is, please email Velyn Scarborough at [email protected]

We also provide some add-ons to customize your marketing bundle.  See below for the list of marketing add-ons.

Clubs and Orgs marketing options to add on to a marketing bundle.
Additional options to enhance your marketing bundle. (OMN)